Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Big Blue

Big Blue is coming to life! (Yes I named the dragon haha... it's so much more fun when you can play out a story as you paint :] )... anyway, he still has a LONG way to go. At this point I have him molded out so I can start to work with his form and add the correct highlights and shadows. Next I think I'm going to drop in a light texture to give me a little extra something to play with. When I'm done I'm hoping to give him a real "icy" feel :) I'm excited yet nervous still because there are a couple things that are buggin' but I'm hoping they work themselves out with this guy.

I should probably detail the tree before I get too much further with the dragon... so that I don't run out of steam. The tree needs just as much detail and attention or the whole painting will fall apart :/ I think I can have fun with it though... pondering adding a forest critter in the foreground tree.. probably too distracting though.


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